Monday, November 11, 2013

Is My Hair Anorexic?

Is my hair anorexic?  “When did my hair turn into the Chia Pet !?”  Ok, sure.  This may be a slightly exaggerated version of a common complaint I hear from my clients but, honestly, it’s a pretty good visual description. Yes?  So many of my clients sit down in my chair and ask the same question, “Why doesn’t my hair look as good as it did before _______?”  The scary part of this question is that the “before” can be anything!  Before the summer began?  Before I went on that diet?  Before I had my kids?  Before... before… before.  Most people take healthy hair for granted until it turns into a Chia Pet.  The health of our hair is no different than the health of our bodies or the health of our skin.  Unhealthy hair can happen to anyone, even celebrities!  Hair is damaged by the sun, our diets, chronic use of cheap chemicals, and even stress.

I’m always surprised when clients tell me they just can’t spend the money for quality hair products so they buy a cheap knock-off thinking that their hair will never suffer.  Here is my thought: we don’t gamble with our health and most of us don’t gamble with our skin.  Because, unless you have a plastic surgeon on speed dial with an unlimited bank account, we start investing in our health and our skin during our 20’s in the hope that our genes and our regiments carry that youthful glow into our 40’s, 50’s, and beyond.  So if we invest a lifetime of preventative measures to keep our skin looking it’s best, why do the same consumers gamble with the health of their hair?

So, how do you protect yourself from hair anorexia?  Keep feeding those follicles so they retain the essential nutrients needed to maintain the same strong, healthy appearance year after year.  Let’s face reality. Those permanent colors, long term straightening treatments, and every day products can put strain on an otherwise healthy scalp and, overtime, our follicles become starved for hair nutrition.  So what is hair nutrition?

Hair nutrition is part diet and part quality product; just like your skin, hair care is a life long investment where both parts not just stimulate the scalp and strengthens hair follicles but continue to maintain healthy hair.  Some of the foods that target your tresses include salmon, oysters, sweet potatoes, kale, and blueberries.  Using hair products, like my E-Shampoo and Conditioner give your follicles that nutrient boost with the omega-3, panthenol, jojoba, and emu oils.  For more information on my product line, click on  Stay tuned to this blog and learn more about the power of emu oil and much, much, more.  Don’t starve your hair … feed it!

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