Friday, November 15, 2013

Eating Crow & Growing Hair!

I love my clients!  They make me laugh, they can make me cry, but sometimes a few of them just need to be popped upside the head with a bottle of shampoo!  No, not LITERALLY!  My case in point.  One of my FAVORITE clients, Susan, had major back surgery last year.  Her surgeon told her if she wanted the best results, she would need to lose some major weight!  Determined, Susan took her surgeon at his word, and survived on a 500 calorie per-day diet for five months.  Sure, she lost a LOT of weight and felt better .. starved .. but better.  But was she any healthier?

In June, Susan called me in a panic!  Her diet had finally reared it's ugly head; Susan's hair was falling out by the handful.  I calmly told her to change her diet to include foods high in Omega-3, Vitamin B, and Vitamin E.  I recommended a biotin supplement and begged her to come into my salon and pick up a bottle of my E-Shampoo and E-Conditioner.  Did she do it?  No!  She changed her diet.  She even took her supplements.  Unfortunately, even with all this change, her hair continued it's mass exodus.

Another month later, she came into my salon, still crying about how much hair she continued losing and how bald she had become in just a few months.  I nodded, helped style her hair to cover the worst areas, and then SHOVED my products into her hand and said, "Just TRY them!  Take them at NO charge and THEN tell me what you think!  Ok?"  She looked at me stunned for a minute, agreed to use them, and walked out my door.  Less than six weeks later, Susan returned to my salon with a huge smile on her face.

You see, Suzie Q had been to the dermatologist the month before.  The doctor gave her a recommendation to follow a hair restoration system, which she bought on-line.  She also broke into her emergency credit card in order to purchase every major salon product available that might help her damaged, thinning hair.  She told me after hundreds of dollars, her hair continued to fall by the handful UNTIL she used my products!  During her follow-up appointment with her dermatologist, she stunned her doctor by telling him that not only did she bypass his highly recommended hair restoration system in lieu of my E-Products but shocked him with the results!  Not only did Susan's hair dramatically change in just under five weeks but the quality and thickness surprised her doctor into silence.  (When Susan told me this story, his silence was my favorite part.  hehehe).

Sure, my Suzie Q ate a little crow while she stood in my salon that day that but she ate it with a huge smile on her face and with a beautiful head of healthy hair!  So sometimes .. popping your client in the head with a bottle of shampoo is not necessarily a bad thing!  :-)

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  1. OMG! You posted my testimonial! Haha! I love the way you tell it; I actually chuckled and it was me. xoxoxo