Saturday, November 23, 2013

1,000 Miles Away & A Quart Low ...

I recently traveled, cross-country from L.A. to Dallas.  Since I decided to travel “light” and only brought a carry-on, I left all my liquid products at home to make the TSA happy.  I was gone just 3 days but time can be VERY telling!  I left my E-Shampoo & Conditioner, as well as my pure Emu Oil, at home and my hair and skin suffered the consequences of an EMU oil deficiency!  In just a couple days, my hair was a dry, fly-away mess and my skin felt chapped and desperate for moisture.  
So why is Emu Oil important???  Why do I even bother to blog about a 3 day trip without my E- products?  BECAUSE … Emu is an essential oil; It’s rich in Omegas-3, 6, & 9.  This oil is necessary for maintaining healthy skin cells and vital to continued growth of thick, HEALTHY hair.  Read about the properties of emu oil:
So returning to my story … Before I even unpacked my carry-on, I b-lined straight to the shower and re-hydrated my hair with my E-Products.  My hair drank in all the panthenol, jojoba, and emu oil with the same thirst as my skin did with the pure Emu Oil.  It only took a couple days to realize how quickly my hair and scalp could be a “quart low” without my E-Products.  My short trip reaffirmed what I already knew; Emu Oil is an essential component for maintaining healthy skin and scalp.  #hair #emu #hairstyle #healthyhair.   

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