Saturday, February 8, 2014

To Bang or Not to Bang: A Question For the Modern Day Woman.

Oh, get your minds out of the gutter!!!  I recently read a blurb in Cosmopolitan called, "The Little Bang Theory" and that blurb got me thinking about bangs and current hairstyles.  If you read my blog or even perused my last post, you know that bangs are a current trend this spring.  Spiky, stylized, highly processed bangs were seen on models during this years' runway but the bang itself has been around as long as the bible.  Really?  Yup!  I even bet Mary Magdalene rocked a set of bangs back in her day! Oh the blasphemy!!!

Today, modern women follow hair trends as close as they follow hem lines.  However,
bangs should actually be considered a loop hole in hairstyle fashion because there are so many factors women need to consider when they decide to "bang or not to bang."  First, how does the bang effect your overall hairstyle?  If you consider yourself a purist, then you follow a style to the letter and maybe the bang is not for you.  Not all styles want a bang to overshadow the simplicity of the style.  Second, how do bangs look on your overall facial shape?

Those who use the bang to flatter their facial features tend to lean in this direction and don't follow the tenants of fashion to the letter.  Everyone is born with a unique a facial structure therefore, the bang helps some but hurts others.  Magazines such as, "In Style," have published articles on bangs so this is not a new discussion but is still actually a controversial topic!  Do you follow the trends, follow the path to your true self, or do you follow the runway to copy a couture style?  If you follow this edict you are lot alone, One of the most infamous fashion mavens, Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of American "Vogue,' has been wearing bangs for decades!  She's stylish and in touch with current couture but elects to fall back on a look SHE feels flatters her face.  "In Style" recently did an article on bangs and took the self-help stance offering bang types most attractive for particular facial structures.  For example, long eye-grazing bangs tapered on the sides look best on square face shapes because they add a soft element.  Since round face shapes can be top heavy, sideswiped bangs can provided balance and draw attention to the eyes.  Swingy bangs tend to help those with sharp angled faces as they work to conceal the forehead and provide a gradual opening to the cheakbone and jawline.  Oval shaped faces seem to be the face de'jour because you can go sans bangs or arrive with a little fringe and still accentuate tghe prettiest parts of your face!  How lucky to be you!

So, regardless if you follow trends or work with your facial bone structure, bangs are not for everyone.

 My personal recommendation?  And this is not a huge surprise … pick a style you LOVE and that looks FANTASTIC with your face!!  Your hair is only as fabulous as you feel about it!!  Be comfortable with your choice and own your style.  The combination of personal style and self-confidence is the only magical elixir that will turn your hairstyle into a killer look!!  Choose wisely but be adventurous; you will be surprised at the outcome!!

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