Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Cycle of Life: The Hairy Truth About Your Shampoo And Conditioner

Ok, the truth!  When I started out developing my E-products, I realized that not one single shampoo and conditioner combo was ever going to be the magical elixer for the longevity of healthy hair.  In the beginning, my goal was to create a shampoo and conditioner that not only maintained a healthy hair shaft but concentrated on the follicle as well.  I knew the follicles needed as much attention as the hair, as these are the portholes for a healthy scalp.  In my many decades (really, not wanting to admit how MANY decades!) of experience, I know what my clients want: thick, shiny, youthful hair that everyone gushes over but they also needed a product that focuses on the things they didn't see!  Even today, I can't find a product on the market that rivals my E-shampoo and E-conditioner;  but as magical as they are for the hair, any daily shampoo and conditioner, alone, cannot sustain consistent, quality hair over time!  WHAT?  Why am I dissing my own product?  Well, I'm really not!  I'm imparting a little realistic wisdom.

As we get older and God willing we all do, our hair also ages and loses it's natural nutrients.  I always tell my clients, you can't stick with one shampoo and conditioner for ever and expect your hair to maintain it's youthful look or even keep a style together between cuts.  Just like your skin, your hair needs a regiment in order to sustain it's beautiful, lush look.  Let me put it this way: when you wash your face do you just use soap or a facial scrub and then apply your makeup?  If you are savvy, your answer is absolutely NOT!  We use makeup removers, facial cleansers, facial scrubs, daytime moistuizers, mineral makeup primers, and nighttime facial creams.  AND if you are very smart, you started this skin regiment in your 20's so that when you turn 40, your skin still looks 30!  The same thing applies to your hair.
Get Out! Clarifying Shampoo

Everyone needs a quality daily shampoo and conditioner; obviously, I recommend my E-products because of it's duel purpose of hair and follicle enhancment.  However, in addition to daily products, I always tell my clients to think about hair like skin.  Regardless if you twirl with a curling iron, straighten with a flat iron, or just blowdry, chances are you use hair products.  Mousse, gel, paste, moulds, and aerosols all build-up on your hair over time and even if you wash your hair everyday, your hair will retain a certain amount of product residue wash after wash.  So if you wonder why your hair doesn't shine or bounce, you may want to look to these products as the culprprits of your problem.  Anyone who likes to use products to style needs to have a hair regiment that includes a clarifying shampoo but be very careful with this choice because you want to strip the products from your hair but not it's natural nutrients.  In my salon, I recomment my "Get Out!" with invigorating, healing tea tree oils.  "Get Out!" also includes the higest quality, pure peppermint oils that along with the tea tree oil, invigorates your scalp and cleans the hair of all product residue without stripping the hair of it's natural oils.  Using a clarifying shampoo once a week, will help your hair keep it's shape longer.
Pink Restoration Mask

But what you take out of your hair you must also put back into it!  Huh? What?  Ahh ... the tangled web we weave to look fabulous!  Regardless if you color, highlight, lowlight or just sport a shank of electric blue in your bangs, your hair needs to be fed!  Similar to hair products, hair color also takes away the natural nutrients and moisture which makes your hair shine, bounce, and healthy.  A daily conditioner DOES feed your hair but when you color your hair, you are putting exra strain on the shaft.  I always tell my clients to use some sort of hair conditioning mask.  WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?  Well, within my line, I have a deep conditioning hair mask called "Pink."  It contains shea butter, among other nutrients, which helps keep your hair from becoming dry and brittle.  "Pink" works into the ends of the hair to help prevent split ends and thinning caused by the color process.

So, yes, just like your skin .. your hair needs a regiment.  Regardelss if you choose mine (which is my preference) or another line of products, you will find your hair will love you more if you treat it with the  respect it deserves and stop treating it like it's a 15-year old teeenager with endless verve and youthful glow.  With your hair, like your skin, a youthful glow is something you work at year after year!  But this is just my nugget of advice to you!

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