Saturday, December 7, 2013

Emu Oil: Fact, Fiction, & Buyer Beware!

There are few things that strike fear into our self-confidence more than hair loss.  Hair follicles go through three separate phases.  The first stage, hair begins to grow from the root and works its way to the end of the follicle. This is actually the only time that hair is considered "alive".  During the next phase, the hair has fully grown.  The hair follicle is coming closer to the surface of the skin and the hair is getting ready to be shed; hair color doesn't change, the length remains the same, and preparing for new hair growth.  During the last phase of hair growth is when the existing hair falls out, a new hair follicle grows, and the process starts all over again.  These continuous phases are the reason why you see hair left behind in the sink, on your brush or comb, or as you notice your hair growing long again. Shedding is a natural phase in the hair growth cycle, but what happens when you start losing more than the  average 50-100 hairs per day?  There are many causes for increased hair loss: child birth, stress, diseases, and medical treatments, such as chemotherapy, can exaggerate normal hair loss. So what can we do to help create a healthy "canvas" to promote hair growth?  

One proven, natural, proponent for hair growth is Emu oil.  Emu oil isn't a magical snake oil concocted by the Great and Powerful Oz, but actually a carefully calculated refinement of fatty acids from the Emu bird.  Emu oil is an all natural tissue nutrient. When applied to hair follicles it invigorates regrowth. When correctly processed, this oil is almost 100% triglyceride in nature which makes it an almost completely neutral lipid and the property that gives Emu Oil it's ability to penetrate the barrier of the skin and "awaken" hair follicles.  The pure, natural form of Emu oil is recommended because it has the ability to reduce the inflammation of hair follicles. Inflamed hair follicles do not allow for the development of new hair growth. Inflamed hair follicles are usually responsible for hair loss, commonly referred to as baldness.  As the components of the Emu oil penetrate your skin, they reduce inflammation, allowing the hair follicles to grow new hair.  Emu oil enhances blood circulation, improving the growth conditions for new hair.  Emu oil softens the scalp, making it easier for new hair to emerge.  The new hair will be softer, and less prone to breaking.   Because it's a natural enhancer, Emu oil doesn't irritate the scalp like some laboratory synthesized products such as Minoxidil.

Due to the increasing popularity of Emu oil for hair loss, buyer's need to beware of “rendered,” unrefined emu oil which is finding it way into the market; this oil has only been filtered, and may still contain contaminants.  Additionally, there are different means by which emu oil can be refined. One method, for instance, uses caustic chemicals such as lye.  The best suppliers will use an all-natural means of refining that relies on clays to filter the oil. Check the label before purchasing to make sure your brand of Emu oil has been properly refined and purified.  Good quality 100% pure emu oil has proven effective for so many applications that again, It was only a matter of time before this would happen. Before you purchase Emu oil, always verify where they get it and if its mixed with other chemicals.  

So stop fretting over a few extra hairs in the sink! You have a natural, successful option to restore your hair.  Eat a healthy diet rich in vitamin E, omega-3, and biotin plus buy products which have pure emu oil as a major ingredient .. before you know it, your hair will return strong and healthy!

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